Say “No” To The Thigh Gap


For me, being in high school there is all this pressure to be perfect. I have been affected by this pressure to be perfect even when I was little and I somewhat gave in because all it seemed like was people appreciated the skinny pretty girls than the others who didn’t really care about that stuff and was weird and well I was the weird girl. Which had led me to be depressed and suicidal.

Ever since I have been on Tumblr, I have been confident of who I am since I found girls who didn’t care what they looked like, but recently there have been these posts of skinny girls and I have been getting these thoughts that I should be like that. A few months ago, I kind of considered of getting an eating disorder since I felt too fat, but I loved food too much to give it all up.

Recently on the news I have been spotting reports on the thigh gap and including my poise and proper teacher Maria Woods has been speaking about it on the news (which I’ll be posting at the end). I thought that getting something this popular wasn’t going to be much of a risk and since it started all this controversy, why should I even bother?

Being healthy is more important than being dead looking skinny. If you want to be skinny, exercise and eat healthy, don’t starve yourself like I have done a few times. Look up to people like Jennifer Lawrence who would rather be fat than anorexic, and consider Anne Hathaway who was hesitate to play in Les Mis of how much weight she lost and she couldn’t sleep and she felt like was about to die.

Don’t feel like that! Unless you take care about yourself that is important, get off those sites that make you think that you should be model skinny because they aren’t taking care of themselves at all. I have heard they only drink shakes up until the day of the show where they don’t even drink water and that is very risky. If you are pressured by those around you, just ignore them and if you friends want you to have one than they are not your friends anyway.

Its more important to know what you would rather be called, “Dead looking” or “Healthy”. Its time to say “no” to the thigh gap and say yes to loving who you are since no one is fat, they are who they are and they can’t change that.

People just need to realize that judging girls and making fun of them will only hurt them. That is why we are all hurt because of how others see perfect woman which isn’t right. We shouldn’t be that perfect for anyone since perfect is boring.

Say “I don’t have a thigh gap and I am happy about that!”


Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect- Demi Lovato

P.S. I don’t have anything against thigh gaps since I wish I could be able to get one but this post if for thoses who don’t have one


One thought on “Say “No” To The Thigh Gap

  1. “Being healthy is more important than being dead looking skinny.”
    I requoted you. I’m not I understand completely what thigh gaps are. I’m quite sure I have them since I am skinny. But I completely agree that it is much more important to be healthy than to be skinny.

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