A Dreamer

I was once was the girl who used to dream too much
With the rose petals in my hair
But I dreamt I go far in life but tend to get stuck
Since all I ever do was to care
Maybe something came over me one day
That made trails of my thoughts ran through my head
I had never thought I would come this way
Keeping in thoughts and not write then out instead
Believing in far off places was nothing normal
Maybe something like a miracle could happen
To make like some corny fairy tale
That was like some way for me to have him
But life isn’t fair by how fate works
For I have loved a boy once and he is gone
Didn’t care for me that is kind of one of the perks
Of being shy with an imagination that I didn’t share to one
I knew how like treated dreamers as those are pathetic
As much I tried to go on it was hard to believe
So I had become somewhat what I call a realist
Since nothing special like a boy would ever like me
But I know a fact that if I keep dreaming
That maybe I’m not done childish one at all
That believing is more than just seeing
That one day, I’ll pray to God that I will fall
Maybe in the place I’ve wanted to be in the world
Maybe known for miles and miles and loved by him
Even though I have big dreams in a place and I am a girl
I know for a fact that I’ll make a change even if its slim

Disclaimer: I do not own photo but I do own the poem



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