Kid Choice Awards 2013 Fashion

I’ve been scouring the internet for fashion that celebs have worn to the 2013 KCAs. Yes, I regret to say I have watched it (but Logan Lerman was there!). So I have put together my favorite fashions of the night, I mean that night.

I Do NOt OWn Any Of These Pictures

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Zendaya’s outfit is so cute! I’m trying to find a pastel sweater with a floral skirt! I love how she paired the outfit with a bejeweled Peter Pan collar! But I kinda wish she paired it with different shoes. Also rooting for you on Dancing With the Stars so rock that sassy walk!


Oh Lucy Hale! Apparently you are kinda my twin (well more like Aria) from what my friends say and let me say OMG VERY RETRO! I have this obsession with the black and white fashion trend! Its so cute!

images (1)

The House of the Anubis Girls! (From Left) If you don’t know these flawless beings, they include Jade Ramsey, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Klariza Clayton, Tasie Lawrence and Ana Mulvoy Ten with a little peak of Burkely Duffield’s face. Jade’s outfit consists of the black and white trend with black little wedges (I freakin love wedges). Louisa is sparkly like a Christmas ornament and hopefully if she gets slimed, her shoes will hide the damage. Klariza has such a pretty ivory Jones and Jones dress with little designs which I thought were flowers at first but ended up being little triangles, but I’m not sure, but pretty cute with those heels. Tasie is prepared to be slimed with the green haute couture (yes I made that up) outfit. And last but not least Ana’s very flowery black and white top with a white feminine worky like skirt and black cute heels I wish I could look closer at. I could talk about Burkely and all but I’ll continue on.

images (2)


Yet again the black and white style! So retro (what ever that means. I keep saying it but I don’t know what it means). Those white heels… GIVE ME NOW (cue GIF). Not to be wrong or anything but is that suppose to be a long sweater or a sweater dress? What ever but I want her legs and her hair and yes I am jealous of her. Like seriously we are the same age and she is like Cleopatra when I look like Shrek’s foot! Oh well continue on…

images (4)

OMEG(Oh my effin gosh!) Selena Freakin Gomez! Like seriously can I please be you! I have to say this is, or was, my favorite outfit of the pass weekend! Pastel colors on Pastel colors! My most favorite trend for the spring which hopefully y’all learn.

There were defiantly other cute outfits but since its late at night I should sum it down to my most favorites.

I Do Not Own Any Of These Pictures!

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