Golden Globes 2013 Best Dressed

So it is award season already and I was confused that the Golden Globes were on last night because the People’s Choice Awards were on not even a week ago! Whatever. So since I stayed up last night when I should be studying for midterms, which were horrible!, I was looking at all the dresses and found some that stuck out the most to me.

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So thats what I think of the dresses last night! I call Jennifer Lawrence my long lost sister because I believe I look and act somewhat like her and I was so happy she got an award last night! EHH

I’m kinda disappointing about Taylor Swift’s outfit this year. Sad face 😦 and also I didn’t get to watch the beginning but I heard Amy and Tina were hilarious! As people say.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures.


Phone Cover Nails


Says it all in the name, not really phone covers that are for nails but painting your nails to look exactly like your phone cover. Just like the picture above (which is not mine) where her nails match the gold on her case. I wish I could paint my nails like my phone case (which is the London Flag) and be like ‘look how cool my British nails are! They match my phone case!’

So I thought I would like to share this trend since I haven’t updated since last year (yup! I’m doing those jokes!). I have midterms coming up so I won’t be on for a while so happy 2013!!!

Set goals for yourself!

P.S.S I do not own the picture!