Outfit Of the Day: A Hockey Game

020027 017

I have wanted to update this on Saturday, then yesterday but I’m a procrastinator. I also need to study for midterms and read my book for English which I seriously don’t want to read, but yeah. SO I would like to share what it is nice to wear to a hockey game.

My brothers have been playing hockey since, well I don’t even know when and the other day was my one of the few times I go (I’m not really into sports). So I decided to dress warmly in some really cute things and my new favorite hat that I had gotten last year or so and haven’t worn it until now. Excuse the face that I make in the pictures above, please.

  • Yellow Coat- Forever 21 (I thought it was similar to Taylor Swift’s in one of her pictures)
  • Blue and Gray Sweater- Forever 21 (Where a tank underneath cuz wool is itchy)
  • Jeans- American Eagle
  • Hat- American Eagle (makes me feel like a Snowman!)
  • Boots- Nordstrom 
  • Phone Case (which doesn’t matter)- Jack Wills
  • Navy and Pink Fingerless Gloves (not pictured)- Jack Wills

Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukkah and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

P.S. I am currently tracking Santa (whom I don’t believe in since my dreams were crushed in 5th grade and this is our favorite traditions) and he is in India.


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