Christmas List


As we all know that it is that time of year again, when the kitchen smells like baking goods and the Christmas tree is up and bright (I sound like Gossip Girl). Christmas is coming. Everywhere it might be snowing, but where I am currently there is no single drop of snow and it feels like summer time. So that is kind of disappointing. I was recently going through one of my favorite author’s blog, Ally Carter, and I was inspired by doing something similar to her list thing.

So this Christmas I want good things to happen

  1. World Peace, I know its a long way but with troubles going on around the world. Also helping with others and help with the Newtown members is what I really want to do even if its states away.
  2. Family time, our family has been busy recently and I just want to get back to those good old days. We are hoping to do our Christmas tradition: eating raviolis on Christmas Eve (that is what we Italian families do), tracking Santa online even though we were crushed of our little childhood, and stacking up presents on top of each other to make a little fort that my brothers and I have been doing since we were young.
  3. Dreams to Come True, in 2013, I’m going to take a stand and no matter how my parents might not like what I want, I’m taking my dreams into action. I’m going to take a step and watch as everything falls into place of what I’ve wanted since I was 6 years old.
  4. Finding Love, I always dreamt about meeting a handsome nice Prince Charming at a Christmas Ball with my in a red flowy dress and he has his eyes on me the whole night. But none of those fantasies, silly me for believing in fairy tales but they are more fun than real life. I know I always fall for the boys with the girlfriends, which I hate, but I hope something will go my way this year.
  5. Not Care What Society Thinks, I have dealt with bullying my whole life and I have blaming everything on me, even if something is not even my fault. I have these times where I am bullying myself more than I should. But I shouldn’t, I should be happy about myself and how I look and shouldn’t cry over pretty girls because I can’t look like them and I want to help those who are feeling poorly about themselves.

Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays but make sure to have a Happy New Year!

P.S. I took the picture


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