Leather Redo

Today, my mom surprised me with the new Teen Vogue (Niall Horan on the cover but I wanted her to get all 5 of One Direction but there weren’t any left) and I was so excited. Let me just say that Teen Vogue is my favorite fashion magazine of all time, with Seventeen close behind it, and I’m always flipping through old issues (I still might have one in my closet from last year). And I have turned to this page which I thought was rather cool.

“Soft Rock” was the page it was called and it says it all in the name (well more like soft). It shows how to pair a very busy looking top, skirt or purse and pair it with something leathery. I have always loved leather and I’m praying that this will be the start of big leather things (there might be some leather things out there but I haven’t really seen them yet).

For example: I have found this picture of Miranda Cosgrove that is also in the magazine which I think is amazing outfit. I love how she has this studded collar, plaid polo and adding the touch of it with a very smooth black leather skirt. Anything leather would go with anything busy, like a dress, overalls (I know! So cool!), shirts, and even backpacks.

BUT DON’T GO ALL OUT LEATHER (even though that would be cool, but that would be just too over the top).

Miranda’s Outfit (came from the mag):
Top:Juicy Couture
Skirt: Carven

Disclaimer: The idea came from Teen Vogue and I thought I should share it, and I do not own the picture.


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