Beanies are little cute knit sweaters on your head! And they are also in!

Beanies are a cute way of staying warm during this upcoming cold season. They are great things to wear during the fall and the winter, maybe not the spring and defiantly not the summer because that is just crazy.

Beanies come all different kinds of color and styles, some even have cute little pom poms that look like little kitties could play with. I tend to style mine with a light blue over-sized sweater and necklace.

You can get a beanie at any clothing outlet but I tend to get mine at American Eagle.


  • Sweater: Forever 21
  • Beanie: American Eagle

That is a picture of me from a few months ago, don’t judge


Leather Redo

Today, my mom surprised me with the new Teen Vogue (Niall Horan on the cover but I wanted her to get all 5 of One Direction but there weren’t any left) and I was so excited. Let me just say that Teen Vogue is my favorite fashion magazine of all time, with Seventeen close behind it, and I’m always flipping through old issues (I still might have one in my closet from last year). And I have turned to this page which I thought was rather cool.

“Soft Rock” was the page it was called and it says it all in the name (well more like soft). It shows how to pair a very busy looking top, skirt or purse and pair it with something leathery. I have always loved leather and I’m praying that this will be the start of big leather things (there might be some leather things out there but I haven’t really seen them yet).

For example: I have found this picture of Miranda Cosgrove that is also in the magazine which I think is amazing outfit. I love how she has this studded collar, plaid polo and adding the touch of it with a very smooth black leather skirt. Anything leather would go with anything busy, like a dress, overalls (I know! So cool!), shirts, and even backpacks.

BUT DON’T GO ALL OUT LEATHER (even though that would be cool, but that would be just too over the top).

Miranda’s Outfit (came from the mag):
Top:Juicy Couture
Skirt: Carven

Disclaimer: The idea came from Teen Vogue and I thought I should share it, and I do not own the picture.


Hey y’all (or who ever reads my blog or whatever)! Recently I have been coming up with some ideas for this blog, I’ll hopefully have my friends join in with fashion and make up and such since no one would prob care about a high schooler’s boring life or whatever. SO I will be having my friends, from my school now and my old school that is about 9 hrs away from me now, to be my little models since I have finally figured out how to make it a fashion blog since I really didn’t know. I learn something new every day! So sorry for those who are reading (not sure if one is) for the inconvience and hope to update sooner in the future.!

Bucket List

I remember a few years ago that I have made a summer bucket list with a few of my friends (one of them my ex-bff) and sadly we couldn’t finish it (well we didn’t even start it). So I have made this list the past few months to do before I’m 25 and hopefully finish it by then. My list is about living life to the fullest and will be forever life changing. So I would like to share some with you and maybe you guys would be inspired to started a bucket list too.

So here is a few.

1. Have a real boyfriend, get my first kiss (in the rain)

2. Inspire someone- I have with a few people, I don’t know how but they say I have. Maybe by my story about how I’m strong during hard times.

3. Become tumblr famous- who doesn’t want to be tumblr famous?

4. Write a hit song- maybe write it with one of my favorite writers or by myself

5. Go to my top 6 Places to visit- 1. Paris (my name/middle name is french), 2. London (HARRY POTTER), 3. Sydney, Australia (H2o kinda made me want to go there), 4. Naples, Italy (where my family came from), 5. LA (I know its just on the other side of the country butI really wanna go there), 6. Disney World (I’ve been there 3 times in my life but want to go there again)

6. Learn how to surf- For the few years ago (well when I was 9), I’ve always wanted to be the skater girl type. I tried teaching myself how to skateboard but that literally failed.

7. Have/go to a masquerade ball- we had one at school but no one wore masks, so I want it for my sweet 16th so I can have a Cinderella moment like in A Cinderella Story (my favorite movie of all time and watching it right now).

8. Walk around a city/mall with a “Free Hugs” sign- when I was in Boston, where I used to live, I saw a girl walk around with the sign and I thought that would be fun.

9. Road trip with friends- I thought would be fun because my friend Sam and I are planning to go to London before college and a few other friends are planning to go to Australia.

10. Keep a diary- I have literally started maybe around 10 different diaries, all complete fails but maybe this one won’t be. Maybe I’ll get it published and hopefully have it inspire someone.


This post was inspired by the amazing Alli Simpson and she was inspired by the Huffington Post.