Hot Chocolate

So today, hurricane Sandy is currently going pass over my house (thank God I still have power). Also today is also a good day for some hot cocoa.

You’re probably thinking there might be 1 way to make hot chocolate but you are wrong. Today I recently introduced my youngest brother on a different way to make hot cocoa and myself on how to make it extra chocolately. So bare with me because there are a few different ways to make this horrible weather drink.

A pack from a Milk Chocolate/Marshmallows box

One way: Use milk instead of water (my brother pretty much thanked me the whole day to introducing him this way, FYI he is 13 and doesn’t even like milk).

Extra chocolate. Just do what you normally do to make hot chocolate and pour the chocolate in. Something that shocked me was that the marshmallow package also came with the cocoa, so pour that in. Stir and stir until most of the chocolate has  dissolved in the milk, which take some time (maybe about 5-10 minutes) and leave some little bits of chocolate floating on the surface.

This will be very chocolately for people who love love LOVE lots of chocolate because I felt like it was too much for me. Be safe during the storm! And be excited since there is no school!


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