SO 2 days ago, one of my favorite song writers, Taylor Swift (I call her T-Swizzle sometimes) has released her 4th album known as Red. (I wrote Red on my hand and was promoting it at school). Ms. Swift (trying to be sophiscated), has made an amazing album as always and I love how she is trying to explore new genres with her music. I love how she is taking risks, and trying to see how other artists do with their work and try to build on that new found talent. Having Speak Now written all by herself, she is willing to write with a few of her favorite songwriters, which include my favorite Ed Sheeran and Gary Light from Snow Patrol.

Surprisingly, I haven’t listen to the whole CD since I got it (I know, thats scary) but I’m am still trying to listen very closely to each word to find the stories that she is revealing in each one. She may write about love, but not most of them time, she did write some about her friends’ love lives and I hate when people say ‘gosh, she is so annoying with all these love songs about boy. what, has she like dated like 20?’ NO she hasn’t, well I don’t know about that for sure but that is what music is about to me, relating to others and having the same emotion.

I do miss the Fearless stage, but I believe she will be back there sometime in the future, but right now she does the best thing she can, write about life. There is some songs that are a bit pop, I heard maybe even dub step, but there is a few country songs that I’m proud of. For right now, I can’t wait until her 5th one in about 2 years and I can’t wait if there is something similar to Love Story (well more like the music video).

I suggest watching the Begin Again music video (its in PARIS!!) and listen to All Too Well (She writes with Liz ROse and together they are a work of art)!

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“It took me everything not to call you!” – Taylor Swift

P.S. She inspired me to play guitar!


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