Sweater Weather (Fall Fashions)

An example of a fall sweater

This is my first fashion report so, here we go!

I love fall not because of the beautiful leaves changing and the upcoming holiday of Halloween where I can eat all the candy and not care if I get fat since its free, but its all the kinds of trends that happen during this time of year.

Sweaters! I love sweaters! That’s why I call fall “Sweater Weather” than say “Fall” because it sounds like something that I do on a normal bases since I’m such a klutz. There are so many different colors of sweaters and so many different ways to style them! A sweater can go with pretty much anything (like my ugly school uniform). And I usually top mine off with a necklace (which ends up getting stuck in the fabric) or a beanie. Pants always work and skirts (I will post a picture which belongs to their rightful owners since I don’t own it) always work with it of course! I always love the style of an over-sized sweater!

BOOTS! I have been waiting all summer to wear boots, which I wanted to wear during the summer but didn’t want to get funny looks. They always make me feel like I’m some rocker chic ready to ride a motorcycle. Of course different kinds of boots work (I obviously love studded combat boots but whatevs!) like rainboots with different designs can make the outfit a cute finishing touch and very helpful when it rains.

Tights, I have never liked them since I’m a dancer and they’re uncomfortable but I’m trying to explore new ways of wearing them. I have worn them with my school uniform back in middle school which was obviously not fun either, well it was school. Tights are a way to keep warm but wearing them under skirts and shorts. They’re also fun since there are so many different colors to style with!

Socks, knee socks, short socks, big socks, puffy socks, fluffly socks. I think you get the picture.

Scarves! They come in different styles and colors and they are always fun of course!

HAT! I love hats as much as sweaters. There is of course different kinds of hats and different ways of wearing it. They keeps your body heat warm during the cold days but they are fun to wear! Like for example, by wearing a cowboy hat makes me feel like I’m a cowgirl! Also there are animal kinds, such as angry birds!

I don’t own the picture!

Have a fashionable fall!

“You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Try” – Unknown (Well I don’t know)

– E


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