Spirit Week

Spirit Week, one of the most scariest and deadliest weeks out of all high school. Each day themed differently for students to show off their school spirit.

Monday was Character Day. There were people dressed up from Toddlers and Tiaras to monkeys scootering down the hallway. A girl faking an Australian accent to be like the Crocodile Hunter to a boy in a pink baby sleepingwear. For me, well I dressed up my regular self with a blue sweater from Forever 21 and jeans and my favorite white converse. And I regret that I didn’t dress up and if I did, maybe as my idol Demi Lovato.

Tuesday, was the funeral for our librarian so there was no school.

Wednesday, oh Wednesday was the day to wear colors for different cancers. I wore purple with pink writing which I didn’t think was a two in one. So that pep rally that day, it was crazy! There was a memorial for the football coach who died this summer from cancer. And then X Factor contestant David Correy came and surprised us and apparently he went to my school 8 years ago! Crazy!

Thursday, was the death day. Well not exactly but it was Color Day, when the Upperclassmen tag the Freshmen. I was tagged by a Sophmore but it fell off since it was tape.

Friday, today. Pep Rally, it was CRAZY!!!! Nothing big though, just so many kids who later came to the Homecoming Game, which our team lost big time. Score was 0-49, smh.

Homecoming dance is tomorrow, which is a masqeruade. Yes I do not have a date so I’m going with friends which is much better than a date. But hopefully I could be able to slow dance with someone. A girl can dream.

“Make Every Day Count” – Coach Whittles


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