Living Life

So today I don’t have school since its a funeral for our school libraian who had died a week ago, and it gave me a different view on life. This is not going to be a sad post on funerals and all (but RIP School Librarian) but what life is about.

 I might not be living my life since I’m that shy girl who doesn’t know how to live her life because tell me what not to do and such. But for once I want my life to be like a roller coaster. I want my dreams to come true and that blonde boy (no one I know, knows who he is) could like me but everything doesn’t go in my favor.

I just want to live my life by going to Paris, London, Sydney and my dreams of performing and writing could happen without anyone going against it. Since living life isn’t about hooking up with every boy is sight or using drugs, its about living life in fast motion and just going with the flow and not letting anyone stop you. I may not be able to live my life right now, hopefully soon I will.

“If you live once, one life is enough” (I don’t know who this is from)

– E


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