Goodbye October

Some pictures that I took during  this beautiful month

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Hot Chocolate

So today, hurricane Sandy is currently going pass over my house (thank God I still have power). Also today is also a good day for some hot cocoa.

You’re probably thinking there might be 1 way to make hot chocolate but you are wrong. Today I recently introduced my youngest brother on a different way to make hot cocoa and myself on how to make it extra chocolately. So bare with me because there are a few different ways to make this horrible weather drink.

A pack from a Milk Chocolate/Marshmallows box

One way: Use milk instead of water (my brother pretty much thanked me the whole day to introducing him this way, FYI he is 13 and doesn’t even like milk).

Extra chocolate. Just do what you normally do to make hot chocolate and pour the chocolate in. Something that shocked me was that the marshmallow package also came with the cocoa, so pour that in. Stir and stir until most of the chocolate has  dissolved in the milk, which take some time (maybe about 5-10 minutes) and leave some little bits of chocolate floating on the surface.

This will be very chocolately for people who love love LOVE lots of chocolate because I felt like it was too much for me. Be safe during the storm! And be excited since there is no school!



SO 2 days ago, one of my favorite song writers, Taylor Swift (I call her T-Swizzle sometimes) has released her 4th album known as Red. (I wrote Red on my hand and was promoting it at school). Ms. Swift (trying to be sophiscated), has made an amazing album as always and I love how she is trying to explore new genres with her music. I love how she is taking risks, and trying to see how other artists do with their work and try to build on that new found talent. Having Speak Now written all by herself, she is willing to write with a few of her favorite songwriters, which include my favorite Ed Sheeran and Gary Light from Snow Patrol.

Surprisingly, I haven’t listen to the whole CD since I got it (I know, thats scary) but I’m am still trying to listen very closely to each word to find the stories that she is revealing in each one. She may write about love, but not most of them time, she did write some about her friends’ love lives and I hate when people say ‘gosh, she is so annoying with all these love songs about boy. what, has she like dated like 20?’ NO she hasn’t, well I don’t know about that for sure but that is what music is about to me, relating to others and having the same emotion.

I do miss the Fearless stage, but I believe she will be back there sometime in the future, but right now she does the best thing she can, write about life. There is some songs that are a bit pop, I heard maybe even dub step, but there is a few country songs that I’m proud of. For right now, I can’t wait until her 5th one in about 2 years and I can’t wait if there is something similar to Love Story (well more like the music video).

I suggest watching the Begin Again music video (its in PARIS!!) and listen to All Too Well (She writes with Liz ROse and together they are a work of art)!

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“It took me everything not to call you!” – Taylor Swift

P.S. She inspired me to play guitar!

Halloween Nails!

This is what they will hopefully look like!

Disclaimer: Read the bottom, I don’t own anything except for wanting to share the idea


Guess what happens 2 week from tomorrow, Wednesday (its still Tuesday where I live)? HALLOWEEN!!!! Halloween happens to be me (and my mom’s) favorite holiday. I like to get dress up and just have fun with it, I was a Gallagher Girl last year so I didn’t go all out. I like how everyone is out at night, having fun, scaring people until they pee their pants and just getting candies from strangers, not caring if they poisioned it or not. So for the days that I’m free (means that I don’t have dance until like late at night which is Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m too lazy on Saturday and Sunday) I will be doing nails, hair, makeup, whatever to get you into the Halloween spirit!! I kinda got the tutorials online but whatever!

So today, my first tutorial thing like ever is…. DUM ROLL PLEASE…….. SPIDER WEB NAILS!!! (I got them off an ad I saw on Facebook made by Disney, LOVE Disney!).

Okay so here we go!

Materials: (Possibly could be found at drug stores or where beauty supplies are sold)
Base Coat (I’m not sure what that really is but I hear it is important)
Sponge (Yes we will be sponging, not with Spongebob Squarepants, I don’t think he’ll like that)
White Nail Polish
Silver Glitter Polish
Black Striper or Tiny Paint Brush
Black Nail Polish (if needed)
Cottonswab (haha Stacey from Zoey 101)
Nail Polish Remover
Top Coat

Okay lets get started!!

Step 1: Start off with a base coat and sponge on some white nail polish on the tips of the nails (may need 2 layers to get it white).

Step 2: Apply the silver glitter polish over the white.

Step 3: The striper or tiny brush, with black nail polish, start with a line a 2 peaks like mountains to start the spider web. And another line right above the one you just made or if the first is two high up, maybe go underneath it.

Step 4: Then join the peaks with lines to finish the spider web.

Step 5 (Optional): Clean up around your nail with a cotton swab dab in nail polish remover to get rid of unwanted paint on your nails.

Step 6: Add a top coat to give it more shine.

Step 7: Show off your nails girlfriend!!!

I hope you have fun with this because I haven’t tried it, yet. So if you want to watch the video, I’ll post the link and hopefully it will explain it more than I can!

See you tomorrow hopefully!

(Don’t know any Halloween quotes)

– E

P.S. I don’t own anything, I just thought it was fun and I wanted to share it with everyone!

Sweater Weather (Fall Fashions)

An example of a fall sweater

This is my first fashion report so, here we go!

I love fall not because of the beautiful leaves changing and the upcoming holiday of Halloween where I can eat all the candy and not care if I get fat since its free, but its all the kinds of trends that happen during this time of year.

Sweaters! I love sweaters! That’s why I call fall “Sweater Weather” than say “Fall” because it sounds like something that I do on a normal bases since I’m such a klutz. There are so many different colors of sweaters and so many different ways to style them! A sweater can go with pretty much anything (like my ugly school uniform). And I usually top mine off with a necklace (which ends up getting stuck in the fabric) or a beanie. Pants always work and skirts (I will post a picture which belongs to their rightful owners since I don’t own it) always work with it of course! I always love the style of an over-sized sweater!

BOOTS! I have been waiting all summer to wear boots, which I wanted to wear during the summer but didn’t want to get funny looks. They always make me feel like I’m some rocker chic ready to ride a motorcycle. Of course different kinds of boots work (I obviously love studded combat boots but whatevs!) like rainboots with different designs can make the outfit a cute finishing touch and very helpful when it rains.

Tights, I have never liked them since I’m a dancer and they’re uncomfortable but I’m trying to explore new ways of wearing them. I have worn them with my school uniform back in middle school which was obviously not fun either, well it was school. Tights are a way to keep warm but wearing them under skirts and shorts. They’re also fun since there are so many different colors to style with!

Socks, knee socks, short socks, big socks, puffy socks, fluffly socks. I think you get the picture.

Scarves! They come in different styles and colors and they are always fun of course!

HAT! I love hats as much as sweaters. There is of course different kinds of hats and different ways of wearing it. They keeps your body heat warm during the cold days but they are fun to wear! Like for example, by wearing a cowboy hat makes me feel like I’m a cowgirl! Also there are animal kinds, such as angry birds!

I don’t own the picture!

Have a fashionable fall!

“You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Try” – Unknown (Well I don’t know)

– E

Spirit Week

Spirit Week, one of the most scariest and deadliest weeks out of all high school. Each day themed differently for students to show off their school spirit.

Monday was Character Day. There were people dressed up from Toddlers and Tiaras to monkeys scootering down the hallway. A girl faking an Australian accent to be like the Crocodile Hunter to a boy in a pink baby sleepingwear. For me, well I dressed up my regular self with a blue sweater from Forever 21 and jeans and my favorite white converse. And I regret that I didn’t dress up and if I did, maybe as my idol Demi Lovato.

Tuesday, was the funeral for our librarian so there was no school.

Wednesday, oh Wednesday was the day to wear colors for different cancers. I wore purple with pink writing which I didn’t think was a two in one. So that pep rally that day, it was crazy! There was a memorial for the football coach who died this summer from cancer. And then X Factor contestant David Correy came and surprised us and apparently he went to my school 8 years ago! Crazy!

Thursday, was the death day. Well not exactly but it was Color Day, when the Upperclassmen tag the Freshmen. I was tagged by a Sophmore but it fell off since it was tape.

Friday, today. Pep Rally, it was CRAZY!!!! Nothing big though, just so many kids who later came to the Homecoming Game, which our team lost big time. Score was 0-49, smh.

Homecoming dance is tomorrow, which is a masqeruade. Yes I do not have a date so I’m going with friends which is much better than a date. But hopefully I could be able to slow dance with someone. A girl can dream.

“Make Every Day Count” – Coach Whittles

Living Life

So today I don’t have school since its a funeral for our school libraian who had died a week ago, and it gave me a different view on life. This is not going to be a sad post on funerals and all (but RIP School Librarian) but what life is about.

 I might not be living my life since I’m that shy girl who doesn’t know how to live her life because tell me what not to do and such. But for once I want my life to be like a roller coaster. I want my dreams to come true and that blonde boy (no one I know, knows who he is) could like me but everything doesn’t go in my favor.

I just want to live my life by going to Paris, London, Sydney and my dreams of performing and writing could happen without anyone going against it. Since living life isn’t about hooking up with every boy is sight or using drugs, its about living life in fast motion and just going with the flow and not letting anyone stop you. I may not be able to live my life right now, hopefully soon I will.

“If you live once, one life is enough” (I don’t know who this is from)

– E