The Fault in Our Stars Review

 I seriously have no words on how amazing this book is. And thats a lot to say because I believe I’m the female Simon Cowell (it takes a lot for me to like something). This book is more than one romance between two teens, its about life and cancer.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a story about Hazel Grace, who has cancer to the lungs, not knowing what would happen to her parents if she died. But for the sake of well being, and getting out of the house, Hazel goes to a support group with other kids who have different types of cancers. And there she meets… Augustus Waters. Augustus Waters, a.k.a Gus, tries to show Hazel what life is about other than being stuck in your room (sorry for me). He has a heart bigger than anyone can imagine and literally someone I wish could be real (Tumblr girl here!). As the book goes further, Augustus’ sickness increases and the two don’t know how much they have left.

This book literally made me cry for about maybe an hour or so? Well not because I cry easily because its so sad! 😥 I want people to read this because it helps get out of the fantasy of the love triangle between a werewolf, a vampire and a emotionless girl (sorry Twilight fans) and to something much real and true to life. And August Waters is a ONE LEGGED BAMF! Even if The Hunger Games is over, this guy is like the new Peeta!

The author John Green is part of the famous YouTube sensation Vlogbrothers and he and his brother are seriously funny! Check it out!



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